Helping government contractors design, document, maintain and monitor  contract compliance efficiently.


Government Contract Procurement Manual
and Supporting Tools

The Astero Procurement manual includes the how to aspect of compliance with FAR and DFARS requirements.  Policies and procedures address topics recommended in DCMA’s CPSR Guidebook.  CPSR Criteria are mapped to specific procedures to support compliance.

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Government Contract Business System

Astero Consulting’s business system documentation includes the DFARS compliant policies, procedures, process flows and key control identification mapped to DFARS requirements and DCAA audit guidance.

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Government Contract Business System
Consulting and Training Services

Astero Consulting members provide risk assessment, remediation, training and audit/review support delivered by the individuals responsible for the generation of Astero Consulting’s tools, templates and manuals.

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We have developed off the shelf documentation and templates to facilitate a federal contractor’s assessment, design. implementation and monitoring of business system compliance.  We have the capability to support contractors’ projects including consulting services and training as needed.

Our Experience

We are a group of extremely experienced, hands-on consultants with deep government, industry, accounting and consulting firm experience.

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What is your business system compliance status and where do you stand in addressing it based on contracts in backlog and near term pursuits?   We offer a broad range of tools and services that can be customized to your needs. Send us a message today, and we can start you on a path to efficient compliance.

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