Products and Services

Government Contract Procurement Manual and Supporting Tools

The Astero Procurement manual includes the how to aspect of compliance with FAR and DFAR’s requirements.  Policies and procedures address topics recommended in DCMA’s CPSR Guidebook.  CPSR Criteria are mapped to specific procedures to support compliance.  Templates include individual procurement package indexes, commercial item assertions and determinations, single and sole source justification (SSJ), price negotiation memorandum (PNM) and monitoring checklists.  Off the shelf training is available incorporating the Astero Consulting procurement manual..

Government Contract Business System Documentation

Astero Consulting’s Business System documentation includes sample policies, procedures, process flows and key control identification mapped to DFARS requirements and DCAA audit guidance. Templates developed include system descriptions required by DFARS business system clauses.

Government Contract Business System Consulting and Training Services

Astero Consulting members provide risk assessment, remediation, training and audit/review support delivered by the individuals responsible for the generation of Astero Consulting’s tools, templates and manuals.